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IQNet - The International Certification Network

2015 marked the 25th Anniversary of the IQNet Association, read what they have to say in their 25th Anniversary Newsletter

NSAI is a member of IQNet (the International Certification Network) based in Bern, Switzerland which gives NSAI certification worldwide recognition.

IQNet has been active since 1990, and has almost 40 partner certification bodies with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide. Each IQNet partner is a leader in their region; and collectively through IQNet, this represents the most extensive and reputable network of certification bodies worldwide.

All IQNet members mutually recognise the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and various other certificates of all other IQNet partners as being equivalent to their own. An IQNet certificate is provided to all customers by member Certification Bodies. Confidence in certificate equivalence is founded on regular and rigorous peer evaluations across the Network.

IQNet supports the work of international organisations by its membership and involvement in:

- IAF International Accreditation Forum
- EA European cooperation for Accreditation
- ISO/CASCO - Conformity Assessment
- ISO/TC 176 - ISO 9001
- ISO/TC 207 - ISO 14001
- The Consumer Goods Forum
- GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative

For more information on IQNet and a full list of services provided please visit the IQNet website

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