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Application Form for Agrément Certification

Application for Agrément Certification cost: €1800 plus VAT

  • If your company has a VAT Expemtion Form B number please enter this in the VAT code field in the at the end of this form.
  • Leave this field empty for the application to calculate VAT @ 23%.

Please complete the form below. (* Denotes required field)

Application Form for Agrément Certification

Name of Product*:


Detailed description of proposed use*:









Email Address:


Registered Office(if different from above)*:


Country/countries of manufacture and number of manufacturing addresses in each:*:


Product Range e.g dimentions, volume, weight per unit and colors:*


Full details of ancillary items (if applicable) e.g. nails, special tools; including description of each component proprietary names. Where manufactured and by whom. Compliance with Irish Standards/European Standards. Whether covered by an Agrément Certificate. Include a separate sheet if necessary:*


Vat Code:

Please upload any documentation relevant to your application, such as ETA certificates or other certification, DOPs (Declarations of Performance), test reports etc.

Upload Document:

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