Assured Confidence

NSAI Certification

Through the process of certification, suppliers confirm to their customers, their stakeholders and the wider public that their product or service meets the appropriate standards.

Mandatory certification

In some circumstances, products or services cannot be sold without certification. For example, CE Marking is compulsory for a range of goods and services marketed in the European Economic Area which covers the European Union, plus the European Free Trade Area.


Voluntary certification

Some certification schemes are voluntary. These are used by manufacturers and service providers to demonstrate that their products and services meet recognized standards.


Worldwide recognition

NSAI Certification is recognized worldwide through a network of Mutual Recognition Agreements with other major certification bodies.
In total, NSAI has issued quality system certificates covering:
  • More than 300 product families
  • More than 11,000 individual catalogue items.

Our certification services are recognized by accreditation bodies in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA.

For more in-depth information about who we work with, you can browse our list of registered companies.

NSAI’s management certification services

NSAI offers a wide range of certification services which focus on quality management. For more information, see our Management Systems.


Get your product certified

To arrange to get your product or service certified contact us or complete a request for a quotation.

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